People usually only include the first 2 panels

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    PEOPLE  ARE  S T R A N G E ; a creepy covers mix // listen
001. white rabbit (jefferson airplane)– patti smith 002. sweet dreams [are made of this] (the eurythmics)– emily browning 003. bang bang (nancy sinatra)– 2cellos + sky ferreira 004. bela lugosi’s dead (bauhaus)– nouvelle vague 005. house of the rising sun (traditional + the animals)– lauren o’connell 006. people are strange (the doors)– johnny hollow 007. material girl (madonna)– kmfdm 008. toxic (britney spears)– yael naim 009. back to black (amy winehouse)– beyoncé + andré 3000 010. apologize (onerepublic)– within temptation 011. girls just wanna have fun (cyndi lauper)– chase holfelder 012. crazy in love (beyoncé)– kadebostany 013. raining blood (slayer)– tori amos 014. smells like teen spirit (nirvana)– scala + the kolacny brothers








001. Toxic | Melanie Martinez

I took a sip from a devil’s cup
It’s taking over me 


I want to do so much witchcraft to this 

when the chorus hits tho

I listen to this like 5 times every time it comes up on my dash.

So I guess I have to reblog.

This is some American Horror Story shit

I could seriously see this as the theme song for some creepy-ass southern gothic romance drama.
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If you’re wondering if that bedspread is literally from the 1930s 

the answer is yes. 

ur grandma’s room or an 18 year old boy’s

we just dont know 

why does this little shit feel the need to be photographed every time I have the camera out

tell me more about the people on the pictures /sleepover pose

Ohh miss Lan ohh. 

As you know, I found a good amount of them in the house. I bought a few more recently, and my collection is mainly sacramental: wedding photos, communion, christening, and of course funerary stuff, when I can get it. I have many photos of members of the Braun family, the family of our house’s previous owner. I have one picture of them in mourning, the black border and laurel/scroll symbolism being the main indication. 

I really do wonder about the lives of these people, about who they were and what they were like. I wish I knew more. Sadly, most of them don’t even have names on the back. 

soooo…. I think my bureau’s done… 

if i die young, silver plate me so i match my other tchotchkes 

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if you give kids zero restrictions they’ll become the nicest fucking kids ever who never do drugs or get into trouble i know because my parents let me do nothing but eat chicken nuggets all day and read hentai until 4am and i am a straight A student 

Seriously though this seems to be the case with a ton of people I know, if you don’t restrict them all the time they actually do better and are mentally healthier


I really hope this is a joke…

❝ honestly my bedroom looks older than my great grandma’s….

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I literally love flea markets





Yo Nicki is legit fed up with people talking about her ass, though. Look at her face yo. She is genuinely INSULTED and not having it.

Like this is a woman who just likes what she does and all anyone can ever focus on is her fucking ass and the fact she got ass shots or whatever. She’s not stupid. Give it a fucking rest.

James Franco is a piece of shit. Because the only “value” or “talent” a Black woman could ever possess is her body or her ass, am I right? Fuck Franco and people who spout the same shit.

…umm, have none of y’all watched the music video ‘Anaconda’? If she wants people to stop talking about her ass, then why dafuq does she make it the focus point all the time? Please, if you make a vid like that you deserve all the comments (nasty or not) you get.

unfollow me right now, i want nothing to do with you

wait everyone stop this was scripted both of them are acting